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Ae 25 years, massive tribute "mixtape"


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Hi there,


Thought it was a good idea to post here, as it's not a simple 'deck to deck' mix. I tried to bring something more special, dynamic, halfway from a 'synchronised audio collage' and a dj set. And I honestly think it will fit the interest of the Ae fans out there.


Tracklist (or you'd try to guess all track appearances first ?) : http://pastebin.com/4S81DK4p





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wow this shit is mental! loved every second, and loved the intro/outro. i've spent hours mixing Ae, but just end up syncing tracks, or slowing speed and pitch and thinking it's the shit, only to wake up the following day and finding out it wasn't as mind blowing as the night before...

thx for sharing man.

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