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Favorite all time BoC track (currently)

Friendly Stranger

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Yes I’m aware similar threads have been started and exist. I felt like starting a new one since it’s been a while and times are tough lately so lay off! Jk

What’s your current favorite all time BoC track? It’s allowed to change from time to time hence the new thread. In the past I’ve always had a hard time not saying 5-9-78. Honestly, and I know the album it’s on is divisive, I think Tears From The Compound Eye might be the most beautiful piece they've ever done and right now it’s the track I need. It’s psychedelic, comforting, serene, and nostalgic all at the same time. 

The times feel literally like Tomorrows Harvest but I could honestly use another TCH-esque album right now. 

Thanks, I know things will all be ok but also never the same again. Watmm has always been a nice refuge for me. Just all about the tunes. 


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I haven't seen a similar thread, so cheers for making it, the timing does seem appropriate.

I just had a quick browse amongst my favorites.. their tracks that have a sort of floating drone and subtly building tension really get me. So on that note:

Right now I'll go with Whitewater. A simultaneously epic and peaceful track.


Runners up: xyz, Dawn chorus, Carcan


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XYZ, left side drive, music is math, satellite anthem icarus, aquarius, in a beautiful place out in the country, there's too many really. Listening to them a lot since a week or two, perfect soundtrack for driving in the lush french jura nature with no one around...

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Oh yeah a couple more

- Remix of Beck's "Broken Drum". It's fucking devastating though so I only listen to it on certain occasions. Last time I did was the week after my grandfather died. Before that was when I thought my wife and I were gonna get divorced about 9 years ago.
- Spiro, which I actually just heard for the first time a couple months ago. Way more lighthearted but it's got that dreamy hypnotic thing BoC does so well.
- Orange Romeda. I actually think this is a pretty boring track overall, but there's something really special and excellent and crisp about the textures. Something about BoC in particular, and especially this era, reminds me how powerful and inspiring samplers are as instruments, how you can weave all these disparate elements together from different times and spaces but fine-tune their colors to fit just right. It seems like a pretty trite idea in the post-Ableton era but when I hear those textures, the idea somehow seems fresh.
- That lo-fi loop that was on their website with this simple flutey arpeggio that plays in one key, then they just play the same sample again in another key. It's so simple but it sounds creepy as fuck like it's coming from another dimension. It's that vibe that the 80s throwback sci-fi/horror trend was shooting for but they fucking nailed it in like an 11kHz sample embedded in some Flash animation.

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3 hours ago, manmower said:

It's been Corsair / Sundown for a while here.

A bit surprised to see Telephasic Workshop come up so often in your replies... need to re-listen I guess.

Yeah Spotify keeps trying to throw this on and I skip it every time. I only ever want to hear this within the flow of MHTRTC

Corsair is fucking amazing, great choice

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