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My first experience with Autechre was hearing this shortly after it was released. As such, it still has much sentimental value. And how could I not mention how unbelievably rad the Glasgow Arts School 2005 set was.

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My first experience with AE 2, it took me like a whole year before it got a bit of shape in my ears and i could understand wtf was going on

Superhard album but so rewarding, i can still play it everyday and i'll never get tired of it

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For me Untilted is the best Ae album. The first part is brilliant, especially Ipacial Section, then it's pure win after Iera and ends in the Sublimit which I think pretty much epitomizes Autechre.


Q: How much techre would Autechre techre if Autechre could techre Autechre?

A: Sublimit.

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lcc, ipacial, pro radd and sublimit would easily be the best ep


i like augmatic and lera, don't really like fermium and i don't feel strongly either way about the trees.

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Guest Balance

The bestechre


Pity there was no EP for this one, although we do have the Glasgow set ;)


The great melody and distorted handclap thing at the end of sub, the bit with the brass instrument and the great beats

The great beats of lcc

The guy saying break in pro radii and the other guys saying ummm wo, ess ess esss ummm wo , ess ess ess and the organ melody

The great bit in ipacial where it stops and that weird machine tune comes in

the nice piano tune in augmatic and the bit where the beats sound like they fall apart and get picked up again, and the great beat and bass at the end

The great melody at the end of the trees


Not heard it for a while but these moments are seared in my brain, easily the bestechre for me

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Yep, this is the album that made me realise I could deal with the difficult side of Autechre. I think I was on-off listening to certain tracks via youtube for a year (maybe 2) before 'seeing the light'. Probably my favorite Autechre album along with LP5 (which was an instant 'hit' for me)


Now I listen to it and I fail to see why I had such a problem with it in the first place. Classic album and worth having on vinyl.

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No! Surripere is the best ae track evarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


Why is Sublimit your favorite? It's really cool, and the choppy stabs at the end are fucking cool. But it doesn't have anything like the lush melody at teh end of LCC or the the Surripere pads, or the sweet breakdown of Augmatic Disport -- so what makes it their best track?

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well, we're really nitpicking here, because sublimit and surripere are two of the best tracks laid down ever, period. Sublimit wins for me because I find it more rhythmically pleasing. Also, the beat is more insane and the sounds are more fucked up/maniacal.

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sublimit is one of the best examples of: listen to it loud or don't listen at all


pro radii too


This is true.

The little whistle-y, pitchy, nearly x-filesesque implied melodic line at the end of Sublimit makes me pitch a happy fit, and that concluding groove is immense and all-consuming. But it's subtle. But also it is not subtle, like that hilariously extroverted and unaexpected horn stab at the beginning. What a great track.

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