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Guest Balance

I found draft very tough at first, tougher than Confield, I couldn't believe it at first that they "ruined" Surripere, but now I know that Surripere is the ultimate especially the "ruined" second half.

Surripere and Pen Expers, what a pair, Triangle, Bine, IV IV, 61cr etc, two amazing albums.


Very tough to get in to these at first though, I think it's forgivable if people just give up and say fuck this give me more amber or tri rep, it took me ages to realise.

I think they all sound very different from each other inc Untilted.

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Just want to reiterate how kickass this album is. I dare say it's autechre's Vulgar Display of Power, A NUUUUU LEVALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


This is album #8, after Draft 7, right? What's the '8' connection with the title (if any)?

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This is definitely the release that made me a fan, past a "casual" listener. Not only is it maddeningly, impossibly crazy beats like the most intricate engine ever running itself into the ground, but much of it is really beautiful like fog rolling into a valley in morning.

At the time I had only heard a handful of albums but after this became an all-time fav I quickly starting getting into the others (Confield, Chiastic Slide, Draft, the ones that hadn't made instant impressions before). It took much longer for me to have an emotional response to those but I was always intrigued. Untilted gave me context for the rest.

Ipacial Section may as well match my heartbeat when it rattles my head around.

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This is album #8, after Draft 7, right? What's the '8' connection with the title (if any)?

I always figured that something untilted was straight, which rhymes with eight.

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This is album #8, after Draft 7, right? What's the '8' connection with the title (if any)?

I always figured that something untilted was straight, which rhymes with eight.

Stretching it but the title has 8 letters

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They're pretty obviously voices aren't they? Sounds like a muffled newsreader or something... unless you're talking about some other noises.


I've just never heard them before. They sound very far away.

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Wow, this topic has got me listening to Untilted for the first time in a long while... It's blowing my mind all over again.


Edit: What the hell is the time signature at the beginning of Augmatic Disport?!



It ends up in 4/4, but it doesn't sound like it starts out in it...


It's 4/4 but there's just some crazy syncopation going on.. typical Autechre!


Is there ever... For an album of such rhythmic mayhem most of it is in 4/4.


Can't remember exactly off the top of my head, but they squeeze five "hits" equally rhythmically/metrically spaced into three beats. All in 4/4.


I believe you are referring to the trees at around 2:15. I love this a shit load, in fact this is one of my favs off untilted. Not because of that part though, it's the fm(?) distortion that creates an octave-shifting melody that breaks in around 3:30

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I disliked this album for such a very long time. With the exception for Sublimit, which I originally saw as the only high point of the album.I listed to it a good bit when it first came out, but from ~july '05 on, I only listened to Sublimit. I remember kind of liking Pro Radii and The Trees, but never listened to them much.

I think my problem with it was the first minute of LCC, Augmatic Disport, and Fermium got so annoying so fast for me. The drum pattern was cool for the first 2-3 rounds through, but they dwelled on them too long.


This was my experience too - I found a lot of the tracks just grating and annoying at first. Especially Ipacial Section (though I quickly grew to love the second half). I was turned off by how dry the album sounded compared to Draft and Confield. It's grown on me since but I still consider it one of their weaker albums. LCC, Pro Radii, and Sublimit are amazing tracks.


I like the Exai / Eleventeen sound palette more in general. They're kind of opposite to each other - Untilted is overly dry and Exai is overly wet.

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listening to the album at 70% speed is very interesting

yes, also Untilted if you have a vinyl copy is one of the best AE albums for beat-matching with other tracks, even just mashing up the two records together. The skeletal dry very syncopated feel of Untilted goes great with techno or other dry minimal electronic music.

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honestly..this was a strange album...one of the first after I got EP7...I hated it...was to repetetive...no structure nothing..but then I heard Ipacial Section and AUgmatic Disport...in full....and thats when It clicked...and now it was and still is my favorite ae

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      random thoughts listening to this tracklisting:
      LCC as opener and Sublimit as closer is necessary, good work on not trying to fuck with that not sure about The Trees as track 2, feels a little too close in shape to LCC Ipacial into Iera is fucking great Iera into Pro Radii works pretty well Pro Radii into Sublimit works pretty well too  overall not as offensive as i'd expected trying to tweak what's pretty close to a perfect album. may see about doing an alternate tracklist of my own"
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