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WATMM awards


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These Music Maker awards could work in this modern era with a little spicing up of the categories for 2015...

Most Defensive,

Most Pretentious Keyboard Basher,

Most Shambolic Train Wreck Of a Man,

Most Cliched Hipster,

Emptiest Female,

Best Joke Teller,

Best Glitch/Ambient Artiste in EKT,

Most Forthright and Noble,

Best Debut Appearance by A Reddit Newcomer,

Redruth Lifetime Achievement Award For Most Standoffish Misplaced Human in the Modern World Trying To Find it's Identity,

Most Consistent Ass,




Poll it

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Too bad all the members who could have won the "most annoying member" award have already been banned :nacmat:

nope lol


I'm still here.


edit: wait...actually that was "worst new member". Kanakori beat me.

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Jedy won it all and it was thus deemed pointless.


hairiest balls?



You'd better believe it boy, woo you better believe it.


*gazes thoughtfully into the distance*


Just realised, were you referring to the thread where people posted pics of their balls on top of their monitors? I sometimes miss old watmm.



haha i don't remember that thread, must have been after i left (because i changed jobs, could no longer browse watmm at work, and couldn't be bothered to do it at home).



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  • 1 year later...

I remember just barely losing "Worst New Member" in 2012 to .... I think it was Gmanyo. edit: no wait I'm an idiot I've already made this post halfway up the page lol... Kanakori. derp


I should have won goddamnit

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  • Member most likely to die first in a Zombie apocalypse survival scenario
  • Thread that needs closing down
  • Most missed banned member
  • Best neckbeard
  • Best new member
  • Biggest member meltdown of the year
  • Most autist



  • Best List
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sweet, now that limpyloo and blank have posted ere this will most likely happen 


take that joypapa watmm has grown my ass!!




edit: jk watmm is big big boy now  :catcry:  :datboi:  :catcry:



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We grew up.

taller than ever b4



Congratulations, MIXL2!


You have won the ~WATMM Reply Award~ for March 11, 2015, 12:13 AM (Tokyo time).


As the Official WATMM Award System is automated, your prize is already being sent to your home address.  Within the next 72 hours, Joyrex will enter your bedroom during sleeping hours and pour habanero oil on your penis and start to fist pump your asshole.

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Highest Average Word Count

Most Unwelcome Political Content

Most Unique Usage of Spelling and Punctuation

Biggest Gear Whore

Strangest Use Of Emoji

Most Likely to Own A Minidisc Deck

Most Avatars

Dumbest Signature

Dank Meme Lord

Most Likely to Listen to Wear Headphones Without Actually Listening to Music 

Worst Moderator

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