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Aphex selling one of his Korg PS-3300s


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Richard is selling one of his massive Korg PS-3300 synths in the auction I run.  If you click on the link you'll see the description & six pics, and at the bottom right of the sixth is a tiny but cool pic of him in front of his three  (soon to be two) PS-3200s.  I'll attach a bit bigger version here.




In the same auction is a ton of stuff from Somadril aka Martyn McNelis who was a good friend & associate of Richard and the then rephlex crew.  It includes lots of his gear, and a few things which have his recordings on/in.  For instance




which is a minidisc recorder with material on,


There's also his entire CD collection inc lots of rephlex & his personal copy of Syro.  200 CDs



The money goes to his mum, and Richard was very keen to help her out.  So anything you like the look of .. please bid.



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Richie prolly got £25,000 just for having the Monologue in the pic


Seriously though, it's really sweet on their part. Rich/Whoever put up the auction on the synth didn't even have to list any problems or really anything on it. The person who buys it probably won't even play it :tongue:

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25 thousand pounds? :wtf:



Yeah....let's say it's not in my current budget.


Who's gonna be the lucky owner of this AFX owned machine?


If i had the money i would get it but not because it was owned by AFX but because i would love to play with this synth.


But yeah wont happen tommorrow! haha

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The big takeaway for me is that you actually have to do weekly prayers to the IDM gods in order to make good tunes. Looking like quite the religious setup.

Looks more like prayers to idm dogs

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