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New Album "Camelot Arcade"

Hail Sagan

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Quality release indeed, enjoying this a lot.


favs: 01, 02, 09, 12, (Trusthouse Forte, Camelot Escalator, The Green Night, Shadowphax pt II)


Keep 'em coming mr Jenkinson!

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this + almost all other ceephax-related release is now on spotify, apple music etc.

Thanks for the heads up! Guess I have to clear some time in my schedule to go through and mark my favourite tracks :)

Tip: "Ceephax" and "Ceephax Acid Crew" are two different artists on Spotify.

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                                                                              If someone could help me figure out the name of the song that I linked from soundcloud above but has now disappeared

                                                            can't figure it out but thought it was from the album Camelot Arcade or sounded like it should be but I just listened to all the songs and nope

                                                                 I'll recognize the title if someone can remember it

                                                                                    any ideas, Thanks:)

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Posted (edited)

Monty Python Movie GIF

Banged this one on for the first time in a while.  while I still think its a bit over-long as an album, there are some TOP tier tunes on here>  Creon Happy, Hovagen, Green Night, Greatsby, and Shadowphax2 in particular are pure joy

Also, where the fuck does time go, maaaan.  I remember him announcing a preview with Creon Happy like it was yesterday.  But this is already more than 3 yrs old :psyduck:

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