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bandcamp acquired by epic games?!


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4 minutes ago, dcom said:

Americans have some of that, too, and the Brits, maybe throw in all the rest colonialist countries for good measure. Good to know that all capitalism is built on genocide.

Yeah but buying things on bandcamp didnt give money directly to the american police, the canadian residential schools from the 60s or mining companies.

Now it directly gives money to people that directly collaborate with Uyghurs genocide.


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2 minutes ago, thefxbip said:

So now everytime i sell/buy an underground music album it seems im directly giving cash to people that helped a genocide? lol

Although I was being deeply and darkly sarcastic, yeah, in a roundabout way you're feeding the beast (that is capitalism) that has its origin in the exploitation and/or extermination of people.

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Capitalism is evil but not every company just DIRECTLY gives out names of people out so they will be detained in concentration camps, knowing thats what will happen, there is a gradation of evil.

Anyway. Im not that naive, i know lots of things we use in everyday are linked to this shit. But its quite depressing, indeed (for me anyway) to know bandcamp is now linked directly to this brand as well.

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But in China, Tencent is everywhere. It’s behind the nation’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users. It’s the behemoth that created QQ.com, one of the country’s largest web portals and the world’s fourth most visited website. And with Tencent Music, it also owns the majority of China’s music services, with 841 million active users.

It’s also China’s — and the world’s — biggest game company. And with a growing presence internationally, we recently decided to take a closer look at how it operates and what it owns.

A closer look at Tencent, the world’s biggest game company (Polygon)

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56 minutes ago, dcom said:

wow. china is big. 


And with Tencent Music, it also owns the majority of China’s music services, with 841 million active users.

if somehow bandcamp becomes un-banned in china... all my modular farts will become legendary fortnite dancer background music. 

also, wtf tencent owns a lot of shit.  huge company. but seems at odds w/chinese gov't over cultural clamp downs etc. 

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That's how I lost  joyrex.com - a company called MusicFans bought it and was paying me to admin it... then they went bust in the .com boom and I lost the domain that now a squatter is sitting on for way more than I am willing to pay...

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48 minutes ago, thefxbip said:

Man, the gaming industry is even bigger than i thought.

The global movie industry is worth about 140 billion USD;  the global gaming market is worth 170 billion USD - projected to be over 300 billion USD in 2026. In contrast, the illicit global drug market is worth 360 billion USD, and the pharmaceutical industry 1.72 trillon USD.

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Possible Pros:

  • they could make it a more social site, with better recommendations and other forms of content curation (think of the potential to sort based on user ratings or use ML to recommend albums or artists). there are good things from SoundCloud which could be incorporated without totally changing the Bandcamp experience.
  • they could improve the UI
  • they could get into the same market as Distrokid and push your stuff to other stores, too, if you want

Possible Cons:

  • everything will be owned by the RAMJAC Corporation
  • they might alter the deal, and make you pray they don't alter it further
    • if your album doesn't make money, let ad companies use it
    • if your album doesn't make money, they delete it
    • sample clearances, as someone said
  • they could make the UI and backend worse
  • they could take old MySpace and turn it into new MySpace
  • they could make you play Fortnite to unlock achievements in Bandcamp

I hope everything works out. It does make sense that it happened, because the site has been sort of frozen in time forever. I wondered how much money they really made, hosting so much content which mostly does not sell very often. I don't know how expensive cloud storage is on that scale, though.

Probably best as an artist to not have all your eggs in one basket. I use Distrokid, too. It's more restrictive than Bandcamp (e.g., IDM, Unicode song titles may be disallowed), but it pushes your stuff everywhere.

I would definitely download all the Bandcamp albums you've bought if you don't have them already. I will never get rid of my collection of mp3s to just rely on streaming services. They could remove anything at any time, and it's like you don't own anything.

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50 minutes ago, osobjornmedved said:

they could make you play Fortnite to unlock achievements in Bandcamp

ha lol !

well, time will tell... I, too, hope it will stay fair with artists and users.

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