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Radiohead - In Rainbows

Guest absolu

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bought it yesterday in vinyl

...what did the clerk say when they saw you dressed like that?




he thought I was a burglar-hero

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I watched the Scotch Mist performances all in a row on VH1 the other night. Radiohead are on top, it's as if I was watching a completely new band just beginning their career. < That is always a great sign.


In Rainbows is in my top 5 favourite albums ever.

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Guest The Vidiot

Honestly? In Rainbows is boring as hell, save for 15 Step and Bodysnatchers. Radiohead are totally ducking out after their tour.

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i wish thom would stop mumbling, and concentrate on developing tracks beyond sketch level.



5/10 for in rainbows.


kid a is still their crowning achievement, but probably 60 per cent of that is down to goderich.






up there with primal scream claiming they authored 'screamadelica'.



should have been called 'screamadelica by andy weatherall featuring primal scream'.




hearty fat lole.

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Guest Romhotep

I'm just bored in general with Radiohead. They peaked with Kid A and Amnesiac for me, and have just been kind of middling since then. Nothing bad, just nothing to really get me listening to Radiohead as opposed to something else.

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also, this might even be my favourite RH album. better than ok. although it doesn't have the same impact as ok did, this one stayed with me better. sweet tunes. still to this day.

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