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Thom Yorke - Suspiria (OST) (October 26, 2018)


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i really like the phantom thread soundtrack, but there will be blood is pretty flawless. this track is great:




he seems penderecki/ligeti influenced on that soundtrack, more bach and debussy and a little bernard herrmann on phantom thread.


i can't even remember the music or much else about you were never really here. that movie came and went like a fart.

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isn't tarantino's favorite movie rio bravo? who gives a shit about his opinion.


not sure- but i remember he used to have a thing called 'rolling thunder' where he recommended (mostly) "foreign films" to ignorant moviegoers. i think this stems from that.


p.s. not sure what i'd do if locked in a room with chloe grace moretz- but let's just say, she would not be the same afterwards 

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we really live in a bleak new era. amazonstudios, netflix, and hulu churning out utter trash and eventually even a lot of people with "good taste" swallow it gladly. forget about the kids that are growing up on this stuff.


has nothing to do with art. has everything to do with how many different kinds of people can be tricked into streaming all of it. it's like, after a while, you forget what a good movie even is, and you think sneaky pete is AMAZING.


which is why most streaming platforms keep all of the 3.5/4 roger ebert movies buried deep, and all of the shit on top.

Really well said. Couldnt agree more. Diehard fanboys of streaming just don't get it either. The worst ones are our the ones from our generation who blindly swear by the model. Who call other fellow millennials and gen xers crabby old geezers who are stuck in nostlagia because they find flaws in streaming mentality and don't want to have to always give in to big tech. I always say, today's consumers are more into their devices that the content itself--its the first time in human history we value the channel/technology over the messaging and purpose it holds/serves. And we can't really blame ourselves, big tech has enslaved us with freemium services and lite versions, and has brainwashed us into their touchscreen cults. Why would we pay for physical formats anymore when subscriptions are way cheaper and unlimited?


All that said, I realize streaming is simply the way of the future and that it's a good technology. We just need to shift our mentality of how we value the art that it houses. It can be hard when art exists as digital code and from behind screens, to remember that it's still real and should transcend beyond a social media share/like.

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Honestly, it's not bad, this is a film score after all, I was just joining in.

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