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Need some good music like Autechre


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i agree, but what i wanted to say is that i made the track before overmoves (so it's not a clone but i can't prove it now) so either it was a pure coincidence or it was the collective consciousness in play... dunno

maybe the fact that i'm such a big fan of theirs has to do with it too, somehow


Oh I see. That is interesting.


I once created a sound that lately appeared on Amon Tobin's ISAM. It is the most basic sound that can one create with the grain delay in Live. When I heard it on ISAM it immediately lowered my respect for the album...somehow.


I dunno, some sounds are so specific that I hate when they appear on more than one record or with more than one band. With other sounds, I have no problem (like saw and sine waves which are everywhere, or guitars in general).

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Hey my thread from almost 7 years ago! I will comb through here and check out what you guys posted recently.


Here's a few off the top of my head that bear at least some resemblance to Autechre. In no particular order (some of you will be very familiar with some of these). Tried to only post ones I didn't find years ago from this thread.


Roel Funcken


VHS Head


The Fear Ratio


Mr Oizo




Ital Tek


Kouhei Matsunaga / NHK / NHK' Koyxen et al







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havent heard much stuff that rivals autechre among their peers. aphex obviously is better imo.


Aphex is crap compared to Autechre as far as I'm concerned. Truly.


Anyway, the album Syl Kougai released last year has some definite AE vibes going on. Great album: https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/by-syl-kouga

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great recommendation so far


sorry if I repeat

artist that may ressemble some era of AE.





infinite scale



Kuupuu this is straight up the most underrated artist I know

Metamatics/ nacht plank

pan sonic



.tape. (dot tape dot)



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