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Kanye West has become the Kevin Bacon of music

Rubin Farr

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I've seen Kanye say somewhere that he's running in 2020, more than once. Not sure if I'm right and not sure why he would.

Ugh, if he actually runs (and he probably will) and wins, I may seriously move out of the country lol... Cuz that would open the doors for presidency to be fair game for literally anyone and everyone.

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9 years ago Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, prompting a lot of default subtle racist defenses of Taylor and lazy attacks on the state of pop music and hip-hop in 2009. In hindsight Swift was still no where near the peak of her pop prowess whereas Kanye was ushering in the most critically acclaimed era of his career. The drama was a stupid shit show of media nonsense.


Now the same talented but apologetically off the cuff celebrity who pissed off conservatives 4 years before for declaring "George Bush doesn't care about black people" is the posterboy of the GOP. A man who has admitted to having mental health issues, is married into the most vain non-talented celebrities in history, who was despised by most conservatives at the height of his deserved fame and creative peak and now muttering incoherent shit about sex with this guy who became famous for saying "gucci gang" 127x  is being hailed as exciting and relevant by the same people who think a wholesome AF blonde white singer songwriter girl from Tennessee should stay out of politics after endorsing a Dem and posting a articulate statement encouraging people to educate themselves and vote on their principles. 


Now this shitshow is normalized. In power. It's weaponized by a celebrity turned president by people who have, until November of 2016*, raised absolute hissy fits over celebrities having any political opinion. 


We've reached peak post-irony. It's like the top pick of a Onion brainstorming session attempting to write the most absurdly heavy-handed unfunny article.


This will come off as absurdly hyperbolic but I think we're going to view Kanye's career as one of the most tragic of this century. There's literally been nothing like it - a blender of vignettes from other past gaffes and bizarre missteps of other musicians and celebrities. I've tried to stay neutral and indifferent, hell I actually found that "poopity scoop" song hilarious in an un-ironic way, but at this point the last goddamn thing I want to do it listen to him, hear about him, even waste time acknowledging him. 


*I suppose Ted Nugent was a preview, the same guy who bragged about fucking underage girls and loves to be an asshole gives the religious right a boner because he likes guns and shits on anyone who smokes weed or drinks beer.

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My man ye is having a hilarious meltdown over drake right now on twitter, shit is 2 funny


'if i'm bipolar this shit can get me ramped"

'bro stop, you send emojis!'

'these tweets are not emotional'

'you trying to be a bully, i never been bullied in my life and never will be. that's why i made it this far in a pink polo'


lmfaooo, get him ye, tweet him to shreds

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The Senate Passed the Criminal Justice Bill. For Jared Kushner, It’s a Personal Issue and a Rare Victory.


Meetings with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, organized by Mr. Kushner, also helped bring outsize attention to the issue. And above his office door in the West Wing hangs a poster from Mr. West, with the slogan, “Bringing Dignity to Forgotten America,” and signed, “To Jared from your friend Ye.”


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