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9 minutes ago, ManjuShri said:


i saw this as kid on TV in miami. i never knew the name of it and have always wondered. i always wanted to see it again.. i remember thinking "he put the pedal through the floor!" and how awesome that was.. so, now i know what to look for. thanks. 

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1 hour ago, Nebraska said:


her name is really Blaisey?  "the trends.. Everybody wanted a tahoe.. I wanted a tahoe.. I got a tahoe"  jfc.  "i hope you've enjoyed my tahoe content" 

[gun in mouth emoji]

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"estimated yield of 475 kilotons of TNT" - kind of bummed out that America is modernizing everything, feel like that money could be better spent elsewhere. One of these new sentinel ICBMs costs a little over 1 billion usd. No doubt China and Russia are probably doing the same, will build more nukes in the coming years. Last I heard too a lot of the treaties between these countries regarding testing, non-proliferation, etc. have fallen by the wayside. This video from about a year ago.


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16 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:


I wonder who his influences are.  I'm getting Kid Rock, Black Crowes, Beat It by Michael Jackson, maybe some Flea in the bass line. 

AI has come a long way.

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3 hours ago, MaartenVC said:

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan: Vegas Tunnels:


glad it's back up! it got taken down for copyright strike that was obviously a fair use situation. the interview w/the guy who works at the outreach/detox etc place is really great.. crazy story that dude tells.

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