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Brainwaltzera - Poly-Ana


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Format: CD, (2 X LP)
Cat: FILMCD 003

Cat: FILMLP003


1. "Kurrytee (MIDI_2_CV)"
2. "Smit"
3. "Day Aft8r (The_Greyz)"
4. "Poly_Ana Summers" (Schoolyard Surph beat)
5. "Carniblurr Lane 6"
6. "Mixolydian Transition 18"
7. "Kurzweil Dame"
8. "BouheD Trot"
9. "Take 1"
10."Triangulate Dither" (Night More Sleepy version)
11. "Frikandel (The End Bit)"
12. "Yamaha Hill" (edit)
13. "?late ?ither" (Ma8ema8mati7s Afsxissor Nap version)






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*waits for heated argument to start*


about wat?


?late ?ither" (Ma8ema8mati7s Afsxissor Nap version)

Ma8ema8mati7s Afsxissor Nap version



we gotim



yeah thanks for confirming this thread will be full of cunts



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