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Will BOC Release A New Album?

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Definitely reached the stage in life that I don't give a fuck. Yeah they have released magic music, but seeing as they don't give a fucking rats arse themselves. I'll take a leaf out of their own book

Go over to twoism and check out the New Album Speculation thread (or whatever its called) There is a little bit of gold on their atm. A few dudes have made the connection that the last mdg p

I think the other artists (I'm looking at you Autechre) spoil us fans with so many releases, official and otherwise, so frequently that we become slightly entitled when viewing BOC, forgetting they wo

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Why do people keep spelling specualtion incorrectly?  :diablo:


Would be delighted with a new album, but tempering my enthusiasm due to slight disappointment with TH

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Speculation based on facts I know: WATMM will hate the new album, even if it's a lost companion album to Music Has The Right To Children

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I usually just pretend that BoC has no fanbase. Life is better that way.



Right. Same with most fanbases. Fanbases suck, for the most part. 

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I still don't rate TH even almost five years after its release. For me, it's the weakest thing in their catalogue. Too much filler and treading water. There are a few good moments but they phoned that one in, IMO. It doesn't help that their sound has been endlessly copied so many other artists (to greater or lesser degrees) that TH sounded like a pastiche, a tribute album.

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