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Will BOC Release A New Album?


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Watching an artist progress the way they want and doing so naturally vs having to deliver what a label wants is one of the best things in music. True artists, such as themselves, would not want to tread water or go backwards or repeat. Bring on the new shit!

Agree completely, unless your name is DJ Shadow. Ouch!

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Billy Corgan made some interesting comments in a fairly recent Joe Rogan podcast. He talks about success having a zeitgeist aspect. Where due to some kind of perfect storm an artist becomes famous. But upon being famous, the only way to remain that level success, the artist can't just do a copy paste. Because people will lose interest. Instead, to keep that level of success, Corgan makes the comparison with keeping relationships. And concludes that success is only possible by deepening the relationship.

It was an interesting take. And its mostly in the first 5 mins of the clip:




How this relates is up to you, I guess. Did TH deepen your relationship with BOC or not? Apparently, for some people it didn't and others it did. (What an anti climax) I was pretty happy with it, so apparently BOC and I are still dating. Sort of. Like once every zillion years, or something. Scarcity can be another way to keep the relationship interesting.

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1 Jun 2018






Dogpocalypse won't live up to the hype dude. The unreal expectations that rests on its shoulders is partly to blame here but for the most part these dudes just don't have any magic left.

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The first time i heard TCH i was underwhelmed but tried hard to love it. Eventually i grew to think it was brilliant.

Oddly the first time i heard Tomorrow's Harvest (when it was live streamed) it blew my mind. Over the following month my feelings started to cool off and ultimately it just didn't stick to me like all their other LP's. I think there are some astounding tracks on there but as a whole it just didn't hold up to their old work for me. 

When Geogaddi came out i listened to it obsessively for many months straight. That record sounded completely different when i first got it compared to a year after it's release. I don't think i can compare or pick a favorite between that and MHTRTC, they are so different and were both so important and inspirational to me in different ways. When i first heard MHTRTC around 1999 it was instantly my favorite thing ever created.

I'm so glad i'm old and discovered BOC in the late 90's and have had the time to digest all their releases :)

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