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Skee Mask - Compro


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Ilian Tape will release a new Skee Mask's album, Compro, on May 15.

The 12-track release will be Bryan Müller's second album for Dario and Marco Zenker's Munich-based imprint. We're told to expect a continuation of "Skee Mask’s endless search and fascination for fresh music," and "a detailed experimental universe of a young dedicated hustler."
It follows a succession of 12"s and his 2016 Shred LP.
01. Cerroverb
02. Session Add
03. Rev8617
04. 50 Euro To Break Boost
05. Via Sub Mids
06. Soundboy Ext.
07. Dial 274
08. VLI
09. Flyby VFR
10. Muk FM
11. Kozmic Flush
12. Calimance (Delay Mix)
Compro LP lands on May 15.



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Anyone listen to his stuff as SCNTST?


I just heard it was an alias.


he got a new album coming soon under that alias, never listen to it (because it's on boys noize record I guess)

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The album is really dope, very lush and chilled, I wouldn't have minded more bangers, but it's a very coherent work. Yeah one of the most interesting young producers out there and Ilian Tape is on fire anyway.

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missed this! just went over to ilian tape website and found a link to Pitchforks Best New Track ...




(funny how we slag off pitchfork until they say something we might like and get all jolly)


tune is simple (I guess) but got loads of typical Skee Mask character and atmosphere

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They started taking Bandcamp orders for the vinyl on May 1 which was also a Tuesday, but I don't know if that constitutes a "throwback" for a German artist and label? Ironically I think Germany preferred Fridays all along. :smile:

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