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Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy


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2 hours ago, ilqx hermolia xpli said:

it looks like if you just search "ram dass" on youtube and find the first video some guy made of some ambient music in the background of some random speech from him with a kaleidoscope generator video as the background with about 3k views

at the same time, I don't mean this in a bad way.  I've often thought that spoken rather than sung word is something that doesn't appear enough in music, and when it does it's small samples.  very often clippets of audiobooks with fitting music behind it can be very compelling.

one of my favorite examples, the music is very quiet.  tear inducing in the right mindset and hard to not be a communist as a result of such beautiful propaganda


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This is really bad. Music has this great opportunity to explore feels and emotions without words but throwing empty astrology quotes takes away from a decent piano track. 

Although this is bad, I still think Immunity is really good despite some cheese near the end. 

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On 9/3/2021 at 6:38 AM, Silent Member said:

Honestly, I think this would be perfectly fine to fall asleep to.

might cringe your dreams though. which could be fun really. 

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I see the cat's asshole has already been spotted in the video. Surprised no one mentioned the cover.




Anyway yeah Jon Hopkins is pretty boring. I've tried Insides and Immunity and they're just decent. Can't be bothered to investigate any further.

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