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will tom put out a good record ever again?


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no feedback from the sonar hong kong live set ? I wonder if it was a new show

doesn't look like it (searched for #squarepusher on instagram)


i watched some clips, doesn't sound or look like anything new but that intro is sick , still hope he returns to his old live bass setup.



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I really hope his next album will be something different. He's still the fuckin daddy, this NYC show proves it :




And all those fantastic unreleased tracks, I just hope we'll hear them someday



some of those are from other releases.. just reworked.. "hello everything" tracks are in there.. nice set though.  would like to hear more like that and dsp acid breaks w/o the sounds of race cars driving around for 4 minutes like in dark steering... that song had me stoked until the race car part. 

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did he quit smoking weed? if so he should start again.  love you tom. 

actually he needs to start drinking absolut vodka again -> 6:30




i was at that show. go plastic is my fav. would love more of that lush insanity.  btw all he had was a peavy pc1600x controller.. eventide orville or two and 2 DAT decks.  stacks of dat tapes on the table. 


i had just bought a new to me used car.. 1992 toyota station wagon and driven out there w/my then GF who was also big fan of the electronic weirdness. jega was supposed to play as well but had visa problem. mike paradinas played a killer set w/a mpc3000 and little mixer that had built in fx. Ae did a dj set and later that night i met push button objects who i'd seen play in miami the previous december xmas eve i think.. and it was only a bit later that i noticed rob of Ae was sitting there and i'd totally just plopped down and started talking like an idiot because i'd drank like 8 margaritas and had a head full of acid.. i cringe hard to think about it.  but it was an awesome weekend. coachella was still a smallish thing then. there were 2 giant hot air balloons that were tethered to the ground and you could take rides up a 100 ft or so and get a view of the grounds.. so all day/night these two balloons powered by bursts of flame were always floating up and down in view... stayed the night in some tiny palm springs bungalow type hotel that had a pool in the middle so we broke the rules and had quiet swim in the middle of the night under the stars after all the day was done. 

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Fab story bro! 



fab and bro are exactly the words i use to describe my life. 


i think it'd be a good title for []pusher record 'FabRo' or Hello Fabro.. or Fabrovrything... etc. 

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Since when did everyone hate Damogen Furies? I recall most of us on here loving it when it came out. I know I do.

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