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will tom put out a good record ever again?


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Hello everything 2 pls

yesh please


this is worse than going to the elseq thread and asking for incunabula 2


How so?


Hello Everything 2 (the concept, obvs wouldn't be named that) would be great. It spanned a bunch of his different styles, very diverse album. 


Albums since haven't been as varied.

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I like Shoobydooby. I think his weakest was Ufabulum because of the funny mastering. but I still like that too. I'll have time for anything he does.

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venus17 is fucking great stuff. i love that 12inch


the metalurgist is a good track. that's on ufartbulum right? i don't like the rest of it. 


i think he'll do some good shit again.. he'll find another rabbit hole to go down.. or he'll buy the new eventide H9000 and make a whole album on it and yada yada yada maybe he'll come up w/e new manifesto even... 

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I stuck on the DF vinyl yesterday while doing a deep clean of the apt... holy shit it was sooo damn good and i wasn't a huge fan before. As always TJ's output hits you over time. I did stick on HE after that and I agree that its very decent.


GP2 with Warp20 bonus tracks would do the trick for me tho.


But we know TJ does his own thing and long may he continue!

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