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will tom put out a good record ever again?


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Extremely unpopular opinion but I liked Just a Souvenir. One of his funkier and chill outings. Great to program/work to.


Also I think Damogen Furies completed what he started with Ufabulum.


In general, I think his albums age well. Go Plastic was too immediately "wtf" that once the shock factor wore off his genius still remained.

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I'm a pusher-in-concert fan above all else.... his energy, his subtle tweaks, his fucking CANNG it, is where it's at with Tom:


ALL his Japan sets 1996->2012

Boston 2004 set

Frigids Sydney 2001

His DJ sets




Let me leave these with you:



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Black Box Echo have designed Squarepusher's innovative and fully generative new visual system.

The algorithms use geographical and meteorological data on each location we visit to define the starting points for an entirely generative visual environment. The patches are then controlled in their evolution by the audio and midi data they receive live from Squarepusher during the performance. Only he can control their development throughout the set by his chosen interactions with his own machines.

It is truly a visual instrument - defined by data; driven by audio.

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