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Will BOC Release A New Album?


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well they only do it for beer tokens and just imagine if they have given up the demon drink....

no grog no BOC

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I guess the combination of not needing to run the band to make money and leading sort of separate lives with family just gets in the way of a fully functioning Hexagon Sun production line.

It's just a hobby for them, so new music considered for big official releases will be few and far between. 

That's the best and most down to earth explanation I can give.

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this is all your own faults, you know.

i remember Garth Brooks going into semi-retirement way back in like the late 90s or something, at the absolute peak of his fame and popularity. his reasoning was something like 'well i've got more money than god could ever spend, and i've got a couple of kids i want to be there with them as much as possible and not promote and tour while they're young' and that's what he did.

and now BoC made so much money from ridiculous fanboyism for so long that they could afford to just say 'yeah, let's not release anything for years and years, we'll focus on raising our kids and just fuck around with music here and there every once in a while.' 

if you all hadn't been hyping them for years and being absolutely insane (talking about the greater BoC fanbase btw, twoism etc, not necessarily/just WATMM fanboys) about everything of theirs then maybe they'd have been forced to make and release more music (and maybe even tour!) just to pay the bills.

you have to use capitalism for your own evil causes good, not let it get out of control for only those at the top (of making cool music).

this has been a preview of my longform essay 'how capitalism and BoC fanboy culture are intricately intwined and caused a feedback loop that spanned decades and benefitted only the brothers' which will be due out just before their next release. so probably 2025. 


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It's hard to imagine the BOC bucks getting them by this long though? Every other old guard enterprise is still out there grinding: Richard scooping up festival coins into a fanny pack, Tom on the road and releasing, Ae transcending time and space, etc. Are they just more greedy? Do the Sandisons live like Ted Kaczynski by a creek somewhere? If they wouldn't mind uploading a Turbo Tax file and a household budget spreadsheet, that would be helpful.

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