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AE_Live 2022


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3 hours ago, kirm said:

Personally the 22 live sets have rekindled my love for Autechre!

The 2016/18 live sets & to a lesser extent sign /plus never fully gelled with me as much as previous stuff & i hadn't been listening to the back catalogue much either last few years.

Thought it was me to be honest & my tastes had changed a little and although would still count them as top tier felt like my obsessive love for them had dropped off...

But yeah these sets got me fully back in!...love them so much & from that been re exploring everything else Ae. Going to give the 2016/2018 sets another go next me thinks.

I don't think saying take a little break & come back to it a bad thing to say at all..reckon we have all had the experience with them that some stuff we didn't like at 1st later became a fav (the classic for me was chiastic slide, didn't get on with it at all when first heard it, but would now consider it up there with their best)

also in my case this set brought to light that sense of surprise and disorientation that hadn't shaken me for a while 

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On 9/5/2023 at 5:59 PM, BlockUser said:

I always thought it was just them. This has maybe been discussed elsewhere on this board. And yes, after listening to London B, I am even more convinced. They probably built some Max patch that does all this insane scratching based on some number flow input. And it would make more sense to put out a one hour jam of this under the Gescom disguise. That jam is killer, loved hearing all these old school samples! And hearing the "fresh" sample in London B gave me a BIG smile!

I've only really started listening to AE_Live 2022 these last few days, my summer was dominated by Ceephax. The 27m-42m section in HELSINKI reminds me of tt1pd, maybe some distant cousin..? The intensity is different, but the fingernails-slidin'-down-the-washboard hats, the insane buzzy synths later on.. Maybe thinking of Autechre in terms of tracks just doesn't make sense anymore.. Even with the albums. Maybe, since at least the 2014/2015 live stuff, it's all just Autechre in it's purest form. This shit is free.... Completely unfettered.

I'm fairly sure Sean confirmed this in twitch stream, he made a machine to do scratching and that's what he used for AMKS. Not sure tho, brain doesn't always brain so well these days. 

On 9/6/2023 at 4:57 AM, toaoaoad said:

Sean addressed the AMKS scratch session in the AMA, it was definitely them

OK good to know it's not Mandela effect/early onset dementia

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On 9/24/2023 at 8:04 AM, Draft78 said:

I profit from the topic of what we really like and what is a consequence of the fact that we start influenced by the notion that it is autechre to add a third possibility:
there are cases in which knowing that a song is theirs helps me "understand" it. or simply to find it beautiful. An example: if I hadn't listened extremely carefully to all the previous material, TBM2 would probably mean little to me, a simple beat with some interesting sounds underneath. Nothing more. Yet after several listens, I really like TBM2. It's because that network of barely breathed sounds hints at a melody that reminds me of other characteristic Ae harmonies. But the melody is so lightly hinted at, and cut off, that it is the exclusive task of my unconscious to give it a shape. In this case, knowledge of the previous material gives me a key to access that I otherwise wouldn't have, and my imagination wouldn't have the tools to compose a frame of reference that gives the piece a unique look. In this, perhaps. my listening is "elitist", because I know that I for one, without a whole series of previous experiences, would not be able to find that nuance that gives TBM2 its specificity. So it's not a question, I suppose, of trying to find everything that S&R play is beautiful, but rather it's a question of having a point of view on a context that in some cases is so hidden or barely suggested that one cannot expect anyone who doesn't has chewed years of this thing can grasp with equal ease. And, at the same time, my sense of beauty is significantly conditioned by previous experience, which deflects my objectivity.

I like this explanation, and I imagine that this process you describe might be similar to how musicians feel about their favorite music or music that they might be trying to reference. You highlighted TBM2 in relation to the harmonic or melodic content that is hinted at or suggested, and I sometimes notice this in relation to beats in their music. Like the song M39 Diffain. Even though the song's focus is the wild soundscapes happening, there is a lot of beat-madness happening throughout the track too. However, at around the 4:20 mark of the song, a relatively straight-forward hip hop and electro beat emerges. How I wish they'd have let that beat ride! The odd beats and soundscapes that sound like rain and trains in subways comes back full force, and that beat I love ends up being a fleeting kind of suggestion. Still love this song, though. Know I am not alone in wishing they'd come out with some basic straight hip hop songs, but ultimately that probably would not suit them because it's too simple or not in line with how they like to be fresh and also their quality control standards. You highlighted a part of their music that fascinates me, and I cannot find the interview, but there was some quote from sean talking about how he had a recording of an old Melle Mel song that had been re-recorded so many different times on cassettes (and the original source of the recording was a radio broadcast), and that he really liked the sound of it, and that it was like a ghost of the original recording, that it ultimately bore very little resemblance to that original, but there were suggestions or hints of it. He mentioned the same thing in droid's new interview when talking about funk and a specific recording of the Run DMC song Sucker MC's.

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Giving the Bergen set a proper listen for the first time in the long time right now. Suddenly realising that what starts at 24:26 is a version of c16 deep tread! Mind properly blown. It's all there, the exquisitely shaped, metallic hi-pitch snare, the bursts of auto-fire kicks, how have I not noticed before??

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22 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

making my way through these. they're so good lol


wait actually im listening to the ones from 2016. nvm

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48 minutes ago, Ivan Ooze said:

Anyone here going tommorrowz in bussels? I am exaite

Want to, but to much kidzzzz...

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