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Album recommendations for an LSD peak


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Hello. I am looking to diversify my collection of records to trip by. I've seen threads like this on reddit and other places but mostly finding superficial or obvious suggestions. So I turn to you WATMM. Could you fine folks recommend a few deep albums to psychonaut by, particularly while peaking? No genre restrictions apply, could be a soundtrack for some full power booty shaking or a more sombre entheogenic explorations.


I'll start with a hat-tip for a stone cold classic and something a little different. 




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Panthallassa - the music of miles davis. 









brown out



i also recommend some Pfucnk, funkadelic, george clinton etc. something about genuine funk that sets things loose. but depends on the trip of course. 


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Here's a few that arent the same old IDMz


Boom Bip & Doseone - Circle

Earthless - Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

Miyauchi Yuri - Tone After Tone


Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

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Onden is incredible, but my personal preference was for Rituel De La Mort Du Soleil. Lush field recordings that transport me to a marshy lake. Something appealing about these organic sounds when tripping.



Couldn't find the full Seabiscuit album





I tried listening to the Spacetime / Terrance Mckenna album. Couldn't get past 5 minutes of the guy's rambling. Adding Seabiscuit to the list!  KLF's Chillout works well on the come down, haven't heard Space yet, will rectify :)


Orb's first two albums


I can testify that these Orb albums works really great! So does Live 93.

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all these tracks are going to be irritating and too complicated to process at peak LSD. I would recommend drone music.

Hell the sound of a refrigerator hum would probably be mind blowing

That might be true but it depends on what you want. If you want to have overwhelming synaesthetic visuals complex music ist great. Abrassive music can be very frightening so that's more the problem here I think. If you want to experience the music as a driving foundation to structure your mind during a chaotic trip I would recommend some techno dub or Goa music

This one is the best though:

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been years since i tripped but the best albums for me were

fantomas - suspended animation

aphex twin - drukqs

autechre - oversteps / quaristice


freaked out on frank zappa - my guitar wants to kill your mama and afx - children talking, those tracks made me hide under the table for hours, i tought it was made by satan

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These might sound like weird choices but these were all really memorable, maybe a bit predictable or mainstream but:


Squarepusher - Music is Rotted One Note

Autechre - Exai

Aphex Twin - Drukqs

V Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music

Brian Eno - Before and After Science

AE Live - Ultrecht

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Elve - Infinite Garden (Great for closed eye visuals!) Like journeying through the forest and finding a little hidden civilisation of elves building fractal structures and communicating telephatically. At least that's how I remember it.



Can't believe nobody said Shpongle yet! The is the album that got me into both acid and electronic music. Tripped many times to it and have always had a great time.



Wanda Group has some amazingly unique and textured sounds - can make for some incredible synaesthetic sensations when you come across one that hits you just right.



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I don't do it anymore but these were some of my favourites..



The first time I heard it I was tripping. The end of the first track was one of the most beautiful moments of any trip for me.


this album is so heavy that it kinda wraps around the other end and becomes a psychedelic ambient album or something, my experience anyway



the first half is lovely and also pretty trippy


annie lennox and peter gabriel speaking softly and sometimes singing, what more could you ask for?


on acid this album sounds like cocteau twins imo lol


this one REALLY fucked me up once, that weird chord and the super cloudy mixing just make for some of the most fucked trip sounds. actually I found a lot of pop music sounds really amazing on acid, like this one, holy shit:


heard it in a taxi once while tripping and the autotune sounded like robots were talking to me


obvious choices:


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