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11th Most IDM Free Vote 2018


Round 1  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. a

    • this beautiful vid: https://youtu.be/2zDqPI4PZNg
    • this video: https://youtu.be/6P0M8TIAbkE
    • rolling lols
    • dank memes
    • wet water
    • a snare rush
    • Space Stations
    • ice water with ice
    • Docking
    • A well balanced diet
    • Playing tennis with your friends
    • Taking swing dance classes
    • New parameter set hand outs
    • sharting in jorts on a segway
    • 8 hour long albums
    • bioluminisence (illustration: https://d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net/uploads/2016/12/Biolum_Beroe_1K_v1.jpg)
    • walking your cat (illustration: https://www.universalhub.com/files/images/2011/turtleleash.jpg)
    • big butts
    • spish
    • ulillillia
    • Enzymes that eat PET
    • Stephen Hawking
    • test shots
    • taking some benzos and just computing
    • water on the rocks
    • G O N K
    • golden boots is most idm: https://youtu.be/5TuK3evLlR0
    • donald thug meeting kim young un
    • dustbin-core
    • jordan Beterson
    • fonts
    • windows 3.1
    • fractals
    • mandalas
    • cheese
    • the mariana trench
    • A computer graveyard.
    • kanye wests' philosophy book
    • Synesthesia
    • Pretending you have synesthesia to impress a girl
    • IDM trial reset gif: (https://i0.wp.com/zipsoftwares.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f78554761484d4b2e676966.gif?resize=300,128)
    • Pretending you have synesthesia to impress a man
    • Having a rare form of synaesthesia where you hear colour as snare rushes of varying speeds and intensity.
    • Words that contain "ae" such as synaesthesia, aesthetic, aether etc.
    • wearing a merzbow t-shirt to the local store
    • ӕ
    • First World successes.
    • IDM
    • (indeterminate .png posted by whosebrian)
    • re: kanye's philosophy book: for comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/autechre/comments/8cqhuv/kany%C3%A6_west_xewflaves/
  2. 2. b

    • There being no Most IDM 2017
    • thinking idm is still a thing
    • rubber pants
    • masturbating to your favorite manowar songs near a raging fire
    • masturbating to your favorite manowar songs near a raging fire, or into the fire, if you will
    • Masturbating in front of manowar members in wheelchairs
    • masturbating manowar members in front of wheelchairs
    • online radio residencies
    • wearing headphones and listening to music
    • barkour (dog parkour)
    • watching all 3 seasons of twin peaks but in between each episode watching Fire Walk With Me.
    • Watching yourself cry in a mirror while masturbating and listening to a phonographic cylinder Ltd Edition of elseq whilst imprisoned on Bouvet Island and subsisting on a diet of pureed lichen.
    • Shitposting any random crap in the thread to give whoever has to compile them more work, while also making everyone who votes have to read this shit through at least once.
    • seeing ever third word in this thread as an ae song title for NTS-7
    • Getting told off by a douche-bro for parking in a handicapped spot for 2 minutes while there's three others clearly available and then complaining about it in the SFWP thread and then coming here to nominate it for Most IDM 2018.
    • Albert Camus reading a philosophy book on YouTube in imaginary time
    • Not posting on watmm for 2 years, but coming back to sway the vote in the 2018 most IDM contest.
    • wearing a CERN T shirt
    • Mark Zuckerberg's faces at US Congress
    • butts
    • Still hoping to see 'being botanically ignorant enough to unwittingly buy a plant that will one day engulf the entire room' make the grade but I suspect its time has passed. I STILL BELIEVE.
    • Conan Osiris videos: https://youtu.be/YF_KiOpgvwU
    • Hiding the fact that you automated your own job.
    • Blackmailing yourself
    • being unable to approach women
    • Corey Feldmans Truth Movement
    • Stabbing Corey Feldman with the worlds smallest knife while he's in his car at a stoplight
    • Sipping ice juice
    • I was just watching the movie Heat, with Pacino and De Niro and I realized how IDM it is. It has an austere, cold, steely aesthetic like Amber/Anvil Vapre/Garbage/Tri Repetae thing going on. But it’s from 1995 so never mind
    • TFW-guy-at-party memes
    • twice-iced ice with water and a splash of sriracha
    • Midlife crises.
    • Pineapple on pizza.
    • having circuit boards in your stool
    • BCM having a wicked burger but not posting a pic of it to the burger thread.
    • New members joining to share flahblub tracks.
    • Post coitus crying.
    • That "cooking with cum" book you can buy off amazon.
    • Buying that "cooking with cum" book you can buy off amzon, but not to give it away as a joke present.
    • Root canal surgery when you intend to sample on yer phone the drill-grind shrapnel of teeth cores being carved out, spat out in the rinse bowl, with blood streaming down your chin, but forget to hit record cos you double dropped some strong opiates...
    • <benzos before-hand
    • kinda like music making +benzos, but with dental savagery & legal smack, aka isitsafe?.wav
    • most idm 2019
    • thinking idm is still a thing
    • black holes
    • magic shrooms
    • having nothing better to do than listening to 8 hours of blerp bloop shittum straight by our gods autechre
    • worrying about the lack of bass then remembering you're listening from your phone whilst cycling into the wind
    • Using the Dance preset on your phone eq app to make shittily produced Ae tracks listenable.
    • Using the Ae preset on your phone eq app to make shittily produced Dance tracks listenable.
  3. 3. c

    • David Lynch on iPhone: https://youtu.be/wKiIroiCvZ0
    • pretending that boosting the bass on an AE track is a huge artistic achievement
    • Vitas 7th Element 2002: https://youtu.be/IwzUs1IMdyQ
    • the birds thread
    • Dreaming that you're crying really hard.
    • routinely talking to people in elevators.
    • pouring ice water (no ice) into a glass and holding it, not because you are thirsty but because you realize the constituent componentary elementals held in your hand are the same as mud.
    • a table without edges
    • Eating only dirt and rocks sifted of all Bacteria & other microorganisms because you don't want to eat anything that is 'alive'.
    • Charcoal infused soylent green muffins.
    • Using Tapatalk only because you like the ads.
    • low T-levels.
    • Nxivm
    • Posting in the general banter subforum on a website dedicated to a dead end subgenre.
    • building a raspberry pi into a gameboy so you can run emulator hosting shit ton of retro games in your pocket.
    • Saying autechre=wankers on IDm messageboard :D
    • back pain
    • incontinence
    • Complaining about the lack of bass in new Autechre tracks whilst listening on your phone and cycling into the wind
    • puffin single person electric plane: http://www.ubergizmo.com/photos/2010/1/puffin-single-person-electric-plane_sBaPv_54-thumb-550x336-32304.jpg
    • Not/barely liking the new autechre.
    • going partially deaf in right ear but using music memory to recreate the stereo sound effect in real time in ones brain
    • War veteran gets world’s first penis and scrotum transplant
    • idm in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen
    • Identifying some consumer good as a threat to the environment and staging a protest to ban it
    • what if phones but too much
    • A phone with a user interface that's worth a fuck.
    • A Facebook Photo of Alex Jones in a Synth Room
    • running all your synths through an infinite delay effect set to 100% wet so that the sounds will be delayed infinitely and no one will ever hear them
    • The complete loss of interest in IDM but the lingering appreciation of its dank applications.
    • Thumbs up to posting on an idm messageboard
    • particle techno
    • nuclear drum and bass
    • rocket house
    • quantum folktronica
    • cardi b
    • cyberpunk grindcore
    • dystopian bluegrass
    • mesozoic orchestral
    • pickled krautrock
    • lil xan
    • 80's power ballads.
    • a GIF of images taken by the Philae lander sent by the ESA to land on comet 67P: https://media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/comettttt.gif
    • nihilist furry brony techno
    • Fractal Patterns Spotted in the Quantum Realm: https://physicsworld.com/a/fractal-patterns-spotted-in-the-quantum-realm/
    • a fucking FIZMO
    • Autographed cruise ship house band souvenir records.
    • if this is not super idm i dont know: https://media1.tchibo-content.de/newmedia/art_img/MAIN_ALT_HD_1-IMPORTED/5f444069cdcc71c6/.jpg
    • movies of cells within living systems: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95109-most-idm-3045-3d-movies-of-cells-within-living-systems/
    • Me
  4. 4. d

    • BCM
    • Black Cops Matter
    • Burger Champion Man
    • this beetle: https://youtu.be/OyuAt-_Nj_o
    • Not knowing if something is fascism.
    • sharing pictures of one's own feet on discord watmm chat after being there for 5 hours straight
    • Knowing that everything is fascism
    • Being Fascism.
    • Being fascism before fascism was cool
    • Being fascism ironicallly
    • Hipster Fascism
    • Ye being Ye
    • Sub-genres of Dad Rock: a thesis
    • Lake Vostok: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Vostok
    • Migraine auras: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aura_(symptom)
    • eating spaghetti bolognese with gloves
    • eating pizza with a knife and fork
    • living in a society
    • My mom is so IDM.
    • Having an IDM mom.
    • a picture of a battlefront gonk: http://rebeldroids.net/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/battlefront_gnk_02.jpg
    • My roommate semi-regularly eats chicken wings while wearing purple nitrile gloves. I never talk to him and he avoids eye contact with me.
    • Avoiding eye contact is also extremely IDM... in fact I believe that's been nominated the last 3 years here. Your roommate probably posts on watmm. Wait... are we room mates?
    • Avoiding eye contact
    • Having conversations in the Most IDM 2018 thread.
    • being self-conscious about having a low post count on an idm forum and thereby being anxious about replying in a most idm 2018 thread (and any other thread for that matter), perpetuating the issue indefinitely
    • Locking eye contact so intensely that your eyes fuse to the other person's.
    • Having conversations
    • Pooing into someone else's butthole to save them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_microbiota_transplant
    • Docking 2: The Next Level
    • Crying at the end of The Last Jedi when Luke dies and the two stupid fucking suns are setting.
    • Crying at the beginning of The Last Jedi when Luke milks green tit juice and drinks it like a messy idiot child.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when Yoda shows up and talks to Luke and burns the tree with the books or whatever.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when Rey confronts multiple images of herself in the shitty VR dark side video game scene.
    • Crying in the end of The Last Jedi when the little kid with the broom does jedi shit to it or whatever.
    • Crying at the beginning of The Last Jedi when Luke throws his light saber off the cliff like a pissy teenage boy.
    • Crying at the end of The Last Jedi when those two characters kiss and don't die when you thought they were going to die but didn't because love makes people fucking stupid.
    • Crying at the end of The Last Jedi because there's no post-credits scene.
    • Crying at the beginning of The Last Jedi when the opening crawl starts.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when Leia floats through space like Superman but if Superman was an aging actress whose body couldn't function correctly because of years of drug abuse.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when you saw Kylo's chest and he walked around like that and Rey's mind-pussy tingled and was confused.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when Snoke gets cut in half because it was so fucking unexpected and you immediately realized it's because you're dumb and they'd telegraphed the whole fucking thing and it's your own fault you didn...
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi when Snoke gets cut in half because it was so fucking stupid.
    • Crying in the middle of The Last Jedi because there was that like 30 minute casino planet scene that was so sad and you realized then how badly Rian Johnson had done and yet everyone thought it was a good idea to make this movie...
    • Crying in the beginning of The Last Jedi because there were a couple of cool shots and you thought this was going to be great but then it suddenly got stupid so quick and you have to continue watching it though.
    • Crying at any point during The Last Jedi for any reason.
    • Realizing you can replace 'crying' with 'cumming' in any of those sentences and it might work better.
    • Being an incel and blaming everyone else.
    • Liberal Robot Citizens: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Liberal+robot+citizens%22&hs=soS&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiu-7fuguTaAhVDkSwKHZTSBDoQ_AUICigB&biw=1137&bih=774
    • Spending 2 weeks with Richard D. James at his secret Scottish music studio, making him cups of tea, washing up, folding laundry and dusting.
  5. 5. e

    • Spending 2 weeks with Richard D. James at his secret Scottish music studio, making him cups of tea, washing up, folding laundry and dusting. and fucking him in the ass
    • Listening to fences.
    • Venetian blinds but its razor blades
    • Blaming the slavery of your people on your own people.
    • Joining subscription delivery services for goods that could otherwise be acquired within a walkable distance, just to avoid interactions with others.
    • pagebreak lols
    • Hoodoos seem very 2018-style IDM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoodoo_(geology)
    • Breaking rolling lols because you're actually into the thing everyone's lolling at so you're hoping everyone kinda forgets about it and doesn't notice you just broke the chain.
    • Which One Of You Losers Is This thread: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95148-which-one-of-you-losers-is-this/
    • Doppler Effekt Completed A Goal On Dragon City: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/92784-dopplereffekt-cellular-automata/page-4#entry2559576
    • Scrolling down a page thinking 'hoho, can't wait to contribute to this rolling lol' and then finding that someone broke it and you missed the damn loltrain
    • arrangement
    • Breaking a rolling lol with content relevant to the OP
    • Listening to a rolling lol with Jez photo: tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rsr3up&s=9#.WyKZtfZFyBY
    • persisting with lolling rolls in spite of someone having broken them already.
    • persisting with lolling rolls in spite of someone having broken their penis.
    • Secretely handing out new sets of parameters while riding the Hyperloop
    • not getting a job because incel
    • lolling rolls
    • Polling holes (...where people go to vote in secrete)
    • a full unbroken page of rolling lols
    • voluntarily becoming an incel to help in overthrowing feminism from power and redistribute the means of reproduction
    • Incel Inside.
    • Dude, you’re getting incel.
    • Stink Different.
    • Getting a brand new, 8hr album from one of your favourite idm arteests and choosing to listen to the version you pitched down in audacity instead
    • Just releasing fucktons of old, mostly shitty tracks that you recorded 10-25 years ago, and the IDM fanboys losing their shit over it because it's old, not because it's good.
    • realizing that listening to music is a pointless endeavour and using your ears for practical pourposes instead
    • Only listening to music you dislike.
    • listening to objects not music
    • trying to come up with the most edgy and original idea ever for most idm...
    • Thinking it would be funny to post a Most IDM 2018 about a program for phones/computers that runs all text through it and formats it to a chosen font, but then you realize that’s probably a real program...
    • Taking photos with your Elektron machine on your bed next to you as a joke and isn’t actually entirely pathetic.
    • Wondering how “no-brainer” became a popular phrase given its awkwardness.
    • Thinking about which boats would float best if turned upside down.
    • Realizing that the Random Thoughts And Observations thread is almost useless when there’s a Most IDM thread.
    • Thinking your random shit-thoughts are IDM. Or funny.
    • Sleeping with your Synths
    • Satirising the most idm thread by saying 'trying to come up with the most edgy and original idea ever for most idm...', showing off just how clever you are....
    • Sleeping around with other peoples' synths behind your synth's back.
    • Contracting virtual herpes from a softsynth.
    • Getting contacted on a dating site by a synth enthusiast girl asking about your cat's name & having to explain to her that, yes, though your cat is named after a synth manufacturer; you are more of a daw enthusiast & actually somewhat of a...
    • Trying to outsmart someone but ending up quiting midway because you can't come up with something good enough & after that make a post about how you tried to outsmart someone but ended up quiting midway bc you couldn't come up with something...
    • Being a synth skeptic.
    • Being a synth manufacturer
    • Being a synth.
    • Claiming you're Michael Jackson, continuing with the claim for years, even when everyone knows otherwise and just lets you keep on pretending like it's nothing, like it's okay to impersonate him.
    • Realizing that most of the mods on an IDM forum barely ever even post or care about anything to do with the forum, and we're almost policing ourselves.
    • Realizing that this forum would be way more IDM if Limpy still posted regularly, but knowing you'd want to be here less because of that and that makes you way less IDM.
    • Wondering if Limpy was OPN.
  6. 6. f

    • Dog piss on your Autechre vinyl.
    • having conversations with your synthesizers
    • being paranoid about your synthesizers talking about you behind your back...
    • Building a new website for 5+ years...
    • cameronsworld.net
    • Getting a new synth and all your other synths get jealous, you wake up one morning to find new synths boards all blown out with acid and the word TWAT etched into the paintwork
    • writing love letters to your synthfriend...
    • cheating on your synthfriend with other synths... basically what fletcher said...
    • long phone conversations with your synthfriend...
    • denying your synth electricity for being out of tune
    • Birds (not the thread, actual birds)
    • Editing your edits then going back and editing those edits.
    • When your irony and snark calibrations are so shot you make posts like this: (see: post #262 of the Most IDM 2018 thread)
    • a person in an inflated blue suit: https://magazine.sangbleu.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/1560435_794164807264533_76914871_n.png
    • When your synth comes home early and finds you in bed with a DAW
    • tmw your synthfriend browses your internet history...
    • tmw you tell your synthfriend; it's not you, it's me...
    • when your synth comes home early and see´s you with an emulation
    • when your hardware synth catches you watching softcore porn...
    • when your softsynth catches you watching hardcore porn...
    • When your synth jokes never stop even though they weren't that funny in the first place, but you keep going because it's all you've got left.
    • realizing others are right...
    • having multiple pages of a thread on an internet board about IDMz whereby no-one addresses each other directly and has their conversation passively through posts just like this
    • thinking of posts as concepts for albums
    • being proud of your threads
    • Assuming Root 5 is even here anymore and if so would be willing to compile this thread of trash thoughts into a series of polls.
    • Being proud of a thread that hasn't yet handed new parameters to threads.
    • being proud of OPNs' new hit single "black snow"
    • Running a most IDM poll in 2018
    • Being fucking awful
    • Classic rock
    • Abba reuniting
    • Acronyms
    • Waking up early to play tetris
    • Hamburgers
    • Person(s)
    • This guy who walked the London marathon in ski boots in 5h52m (image too long, post #287)
    • Being on a shitty plane working on a shitty laptop and having your shitty sunglasses fall off your knee and get lost in the seats in front of you . >
    • <Crawling around trying to find them while wearing Bluetooth headphones (the big kind) like an idiot blasting Gonk into your brain holes whilst a cavalcade of miners in high vis wear look on in disgust>
    • <as you delay their exit from the flight when you realise your shitty glasses are actually in your shitty bag then you just enjoy the gonk and strut out
    • posting after BCM...
    • posting your fwp in the most idm 2018 thread... (like stickfigger)
    • ME (MIXL2 this time)
    • The Bro.
    • Wearing headphones, listening to Confield, and still trying to sustain a conversation with someone, no matter how rude. Like during a breakup or job interview.
    • Songs created using only recordings of cracking knuckles (and other joints).
    • Crafting Most IDM 2018 entries to sound good as compilation album titles.
    • Wondering what a MIXL2 egg would taste like.
    • Using Google Assistant to Order Autechre's NTS 1-4 So You Don't Have to Talk to Anyone or Anything
    • teaching my dog commands using recent autechre song titles as the verbal commands.
  7. 7. g

    • telling people to go post on "real" idm threads
    • Not being able to come up with any good (or at least quite good) "Most IDM" suggestions
    • Computers
    • ragnar
    • Not understanding that the Most IDM competition always starts with an open voting round
    • Deus Ex predicting most of out future.
    • testicles
    • people taking most idm competitions serious and actually engaging in discussions about the rules of such competition...
    • laser printers
    • compasses
    • depression
    • north korea
    • self replicating 3D printers: https://youtu.be/AMR9Lrf9uPM
    • phrases like didn't mean to appear mean and i can bear a bad cgi bear
    • self replicating humans
    • hd vinyl
    • digital hd vinyls
    • Dual analog & digital hd digital vinyls
    • Quantum vinyl
    • Skeletonics: Exosuits without motors: https://youtu.be/p5wqDWEaPFA
    • attending a noise concert wearing noise canceling headphones
    • Global cold wars, and the rising threat of nuclear war
    • a photo of [Amen Warrior's] odometer at 123456 while doing 60 mph
    • That meme where Childish Gambino ruins everything.
    • joshuatx hitting 10k posts without telling his Tycho story
    • Wearing an Entombed t shirt and listening to Arcade Fire
    • Wearing a t-shirt with a sleeve removed that says "t-shirts have just been handed a new set of parameters."
    • Test-tube babies.
    • blow-up diagrams: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/af/cd/67/afcd67c1916ab8a3d6ed6c1e53fb06e3.png
    • Audio books by Stephen Hawking
    • Retracting your Most IDM nominations.
    • Ulillillia
    • the person that has to compile this thread at the end of 2018
    • Having a burger with BCM
    • Saying you're "just kidding" but actually being deadly serious.
    • the death of the annual Most IDM poll.
    • an Animals As Leaders song titled "The Brain Dance" : https://youtu.be/XnRRZb4C8WQ
    • Taichi parkour
    • Sam Barsky's 100th handmade sweater meta-sweater....https://scontent.ffcm1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32337041_1676508529123527_2527419555970547712_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=27aac3658a62a180fe9995cc24e5f640&oe=5B88669E
    • Saying “Sorry, not sorry” while drinking a pumpkin spice latte
    • Frosting your tips so you look more aggro
    • Constantly bringing up T levels in conversation
    • Selling off your collection of JNCO jeans to one lucky son of a gun
    • brushing your teeth at a merzbow concert
    • noise canceling toothbrush!!!
    • halogen clit
    • a picture of a white hand holding a black waffle cone filled with black ice cream: https://i.redd.it/ybnzemr0q9x01.jpg
    • I actually thought of something pretty damn IDM in 2018, either in my car or before I fell asleep at night, but totally forgot to write it down to post later.
    • Using Last.fm as a dating site.
    • Year 1985
  8. 8. h

    • Replying posts with long pictures just to type a few irrelevant words
    • Support for extended line endings being added to Notepad after 30 years: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2018/05/08/extended-eol-in-notepad
    • Songs that Start Slow but Then Get Faster but you'd Rather They'd Stayed Slow because That Bit was Better
    • Kitesurfing in a suit.
    • Yanny
    • Dogs sitting in passenger seats of cars thinking they are humans.
    • Listening to non-IDM and hearing nothing but “yanni”
    • Getting drunk and making an ass of yourself
    • Staying sober and making good use of your time
    • Microwaves
    • Custom fleshlight shaped like a headphone jack port.
    • A soundtrack for a fan fiction about Trent Reznor and David Bowie's secret torrid affair.
    • NASA missions named after Autechre songs.
    • wipeout for ms-dos
    • playing wipeout on psvr
    • Chinese food.
    • Mech butts
    • Shoes that look like cars
    • Cars that look like shoes
    • Voting for bullshit due to a lack of better options
    • Custom fleshlight made to look like a Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi
    • The Armenian Alphabet. (ex: Aphex Twin- ը ծաղրածու պապ է:)
    • Jumping Spider Mating Dance with Sound: https://youtu.be/4gOiujoR-5o
    • auditory bistability
    • pretending Twisted Metal II on psone resembled real life
    • Real Life Iron Man suit video: https://youtu.be/3gtXVOwBnv8
    • Training your brain to lose the one
    • Braining your train (playing with your dick)
    • Playing with your dick and losing the one because you were playing with your dick
    • Playing DOS games on Android
    • IDM tracks named theppadungporn: https://youtu.be/ddtQRlNtSO0
    • the soundtrack (Wipeout): https://www.discogs.com/de/Various-Wipeout-Pure-The-Official-Soundtrack/release/496604
    • original wipeout is as much of an idm gateway as the prodigy or nin
    • tetrissphere ost tho: https://youtu.be/mEhlMyvertM
    • Jordan Peterson AMA on WATMM
    • GDPR Privacy Notices.
    • Giving a humble opinion
    • Being quite honest
    • Laughing out loud
    • Offering your too sense
    • Creating sign waves on a model synph
    • Thinking Aphex is releasing new music via GDPR Privacy Notice.: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95237-store-pricacy-policy-update/?p=2635961
    • Screw Music. Phillips, Robertson, or Allen?
    • staying inside all-year long crying
    • seasons don't matter cause you're supposed to be inside & crying
    • Hating on IDM
    • Pastor Gregory Stevens (A Silicon Valley pastor who resigned from his church after calling the city of Palo Alto an “elitist shit den of hate” and criticizing the hypocrisy of empty “social justice” activism among wealthy liberals in the region.)
    • Adhering to a strict "at least 25 changes per 5 minutes of music" rule.
    • complimenting others on their autism
    • Not being as high on the autism spectrum as you would like
  9. 9. i

    • being such a contrarian that you denounce IDM and embrace Cardi B on an IDM forum you literally paid to be a part of
    • Original origins of techno 1997, in your face primitive geometric approximations, secret operation to project a goldeneye 64 hologram over the Russia and resurrect USSR as low poly facsimile of former glories
    • beards
    • ice sculptures of beards
    • liquid crystals (not meth)
    • growing poppies for bees, not opium
    • 90's movies on mute
    • Not adhering to a lax "no more than 5 changes per 25 minutes of music" rule.
    • Being contrarian.
    • Stealing other peoples' ideas but putting some ridiculous twist on them.
    • Thinking better of something but then doing it anyway.
    • Editing your post.
    • Groj sales.
    • Cultural detritus.
    • Intelligence quotients.
    • profile pic for idm dating site: https://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/Article_Width/1605/mesh.jpg
    • Squarepusher made of wax
    • gif of a 3D rendering of a weird face licking and slowly deforming itself: http://i.imgur.com/Oavk8rG.gif
    • things that go honk when you boink them
    • boinking
    • IVF treatment for sea coral
    • Albatross being sexually attracted to electrical storms
    • Your boss engraving the company's annual performance data into your bathroom mirror
    • Only following bots on Twitter.
    • Things that are green enough to say “that’s green” but really aren’t green
    • Having just enough stank on that bass.
    • Having just enough stank on that bass. Filing class action lawsuits against those trying to create a specific dance (therefore risking a resulting dance craze) based around your track.
    • Colluding with Russians who happen to be your wife, but only for the sake of sweet tuneage.
    • Hypothesizing all possible concepts for the next BOC/OPN albums and rushing out dozens of your own albums based on those concepts so that when the famous artists inevitably release one you can sue them for copying your concept album.
    • Touching your own skin.
    • Not touching your own skin.
    • Touching others' skin, but not with your own.
    • Realizing that fur is just thick hair and so humans are naturally furries, albeit weakly so.
    • Researching if Trent Reznor created furry culture with "Closer" and then wondering if maybe Johnny Cash only heard and then famously covered "Hurt" because he was a furry.
    • Wondering how many country guys and gals are secretly furries, or perhaps they just go straight to actual beastiality.
    • Shitposting shit you're going to hate yourself for shitposting.
    • On The Turing Completeness of Powerpoint: https://youtu.be/uNjxe8ShM-8
    • wondering if furries are squicked out by body hair in real life
    • Generative Self-pardoning music.
    • brocialism
    • Apologizing for apologizing
    • Drone pilot with a customed daw in his computer for quick and easy idm creations between drone starts: https://image.ibb.co/hNiDv8/130516_Dzieza_Drones_embed_dwk2nn.jpg
    • Doing backflips at the club to have your gun fall out of your back pocket and go off except your gun is a laser and instead of being FBI you are signed to Warp in 1993.
    • quoting your own posts everyday
    • Doing moths.
    • Cunts
    • Moths
    • Cunty Moths
    • Mothy cunts
    • Moth IDM 2018
  10. 10. j

    • Moth balls
    • Railing moth dust
    • With a glass eye on you With a glass eye on you Electric eye on you Who loves to be touched With a glass eye on you Electric eye on you...
    • A “Bad Mothfucker” wallet
    • Recording the sound of a Moth reading a newspaper.
    • Meme culture
    • Moth culture
    • Bacteria culture
    • Memes about bacteria appropriating the culture of moths.
    • Assuming moths only have one culture.
    • Respectfully referring to moths as 'zhe' until they assert their gender identity.
    • Mothra
    • kim young un hands down
    • a moth that is attracted to dark
    • Months
    • Mouths
    • Meths
    • Maths
    • Musts
    • Mon Mothma
    • Prince Moth Mothy Moth Moth
    • being good at moth
    • escaping the loops
    • licking neon lights
    • Nu metal
    • an owl that looks like a moth
    • moths as big as owls
    • owls as big as moths
    • Moths that people think are butterflies
    • when you talk with a listhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhPp.
    • Thysania agrippina (the moth with the largest wing span): https://youtu.be/03fYzAxMdwk
    • Speaking only in sentence fragments.
    • moths, moths, something about moths
    • The Mothman Prophecies.
    • we are to idm, like moths to a flame... moths
    • Spooky wee guys.
    • A Bad MOTHerfucker wallet.
    • A phobia about getting out of the shower and having moths fly around your legs and get their wing-dust stuck to your wet ankles.
    • This Metallica song/video combo: https://youtu.be/4tdKl-gTpZg
    • Gravel, or Moss, or Space.
    • Chuck a dart at some 50's Boy's Adventures Annual
    • Hoping to record the sound of moths attracted to a strobe light
    • Watching excessive amounts of RLM videos and never watching actual movies.
    • moths are eating my carpet and making my life shit
    • Moths finding nutritional value in carpet
    • sterile neutrinos
    • Super Virile Brotrinos
    • Upset tummy :(
    • Quitting facebook and migrating to Vk.
    • Carpets, the secrete superfood.
  11. 11. k

    • Rubber up guys
    • Listening to headphones without wearing anything.
    • Listening to anything without wearing headphones.
    • 3D Render of 5 Humanoid Creatures: https://transinformation.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Ausserirdische-12-1024x640.jpg
    • aaron funk possibly being highsexual
    • Turning up the volume loud enough so that you can hear the music without actually having to wear the headphones while also owning really good speakers.
    • The Daya Bay Antineutrino Experiment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daya_Bay_Reactor_Neutrino_Experiment
    • losing the 1 even though you never had it

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Vote as many times as you like, but you have to vote in each section I believe. Root used to randomize the entries but I ain't got them abilities so they're in order that they were nominated. 


I took pains to faithfully replicate as best I could each entry but occasionally there were bits that had to be cut off, and obviously the pics/videos don't really work in a poll so...


If you need to refer to images/videos in the nomination thread, the polls being listed in order should help you find the original post, thread is here: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95071-most-idm-2018


I don't think there are any repeats but if so I'll combine them upon consolidation to the next round.


Top scorers will go on to a bracket thing next time. 


edit: I just realized the k subgroup will be over-represented in the polling since voters HAVE to vote at least once in each section and it's a small section. Oh well? I can edit it if everyone cares enough though :)

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:) get your moms to create accounts and vote for IDM moms and if when they ask what IDM is just play them a pretty BOC track



probably should leave this up at least a week if not two weeks just because there's so many entries (may take a while for everyone to find 20 minutes to dig through and vote, especially if looking at all the videos and pics referenced). spam the discord and other places because an accurate representation of Most IDM for 2018 is necessary for the good of the genre. this is v important.


let me know if there's any mistakes also

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Oh shit, it says "delete my vote" - I cannot edit it?


I wanted to vote "worrying about the lack of bass then remembering you're listening from your phone whilst cycling into the wind"

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Oh shit, it says "delete my vote" - I cannot edit it?


I wanted to vote "worrying about the lack of bass then remembering you're listening from your phone whilst cycling into the wind"

yea same issue here, couple of things I forgot to vote on


vote editing on polls is def a thing needed if we get a new forum :)

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^yeah I don't think there's a way to edit your votes, you've just gotta delete then re-vote (I had to do this in some year past too). When Most IDM 2020 rolls around and the new site has just gone live we'll have vote editing functions. Maybe. ;)


Looks like brushing your teeth at a Merzbow concert is gonna take it this year.

It's not in the lead at the moment actually.... wouldn't be a bad one though (would make for some good tracks)


voting in a vote thread

Great job Auxien, this is going to be a wicked comp



I'm going to have to come back multiple times to actually complete voting this round, so if you can keep this one open for a while that would be great.

Yeah, I don't see any reason to close it until probably late next week or perhaps after next weekend even... I think there's a fair amount of users here who only visit a few times a month or week. Everyone just keep bumping it by begging others to vote for your favorites (reposting the videos or images too or whatever who cares)  :nyan:

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