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SIGN or PLUS? Which is Better?  

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  1. 1. SIGN or PLUS - Which Do You Prefer Over The Other?

    • SIGN
    • PLUS
    • It's like choosing between children... I cannot
    • Both are equally great
    • I didn't like either

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SIGN for me, but not by much. Seems like a more coherent statement as a whole, maybe also cause it arrived first and I was more hungry.

PLUS seems to do the same job as MOT did to Oversteps. Mops up a few alt. versions with some stylistic outliers and a couple of total stormers that didn't fit the mood of the 1st record.

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Both these new albums have some very special tracks on them but...as unpopular as this opinion probably is, from my current angle neither of them have as killer “run” of tracks as any of the Elseqs or NTS Sessions. Except possibly Elseq 2 or 3 (taking them as album experiences - though elyc6 0nset, eastre and mesh cinereaL are incredible works.) But just remember the run of Elseq 1...feed1, c16 deep tread, 3x0 step, pendulu hv moda, (the last one I forget the name of.) Even that as an album on its own would be amazing. Or most tracks off Elseq 4, or the incredibly lush final trio of spaces how V, freulaeux, and oneum on Elseq 5. Not to mention the NTS Sessions, which seemed to keep up an impossible pace of quality and quantity AND great album structuring. 
I really think I was spoiled with these and my expectations raised rather high. Which, while I can get the love SIGN has had, makes it strange to me some reviews talked as if it were a return to form or the best / most proper Autechre album in a long time. And, while I love individual tracks off PLUS, it doesn’t always feel as much like an album at the moment. Feels more like one their long E.Ps than any former “Session”/Elseq type release did.

But I’n now doing that typical thing of preferring their last release, aren’t I? Actually I think Exai possibly towers above all the above, though - some track exceptions notwithstanding. 😉 (pendulu hv moda, mesh cinereaL, spaces how V etc.)


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21 hours ago, Hugh Mughnus said:

edit: lol I guess Autechre does kind of look like a French word.

French being my native tongue, for the longest time I always imagined it pronounced in French. Hence the Autruche meme from the SIGN thread if you caught it. The English AW-TEK-ER just sounds a bit forced to me. 🤷‍♂️


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i could have easily chosen "i like both" but went with Sign because i want to return to it more often and think that'll only increase as time goes on.  While the quality of both releases are great (perhaps equally so) I think Sign has a really different sound and feel to anything ae has put out before.  that's not to say Plus has nothing new to offer because it certainly does but just not as much as Sign

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Today I listened to both and I think I prefer SIGN. It's just more consistent as an album. While I usually prefer beats in electronic music PLUS just seems to me like a collection of alt mixes and outtakes. There are some bomb tracks (1, 2, 3 and 6) but apart from the first three tracks the album just doesn't have much of a flow. It's strange because the first time I listened to PLUS I was like "this is IT!" and now... not so much. But who knows, maybe tomorrow I will absolutely love it.

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16 hours ago, toaoaoad said:

Yeah lol... joke based only on the numbers. No actual political commentary intended! 😅

well, especially the color could have determined the position, but I'm not so sure that the numbers assign to Sign the role of Donald Fart 

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10 hours ago, Draft78 said:

well, especially the color could have determined the position, but I'm not so sure that the numbers assign to Sign the role of Donald Fart 

Donald Fart


D Fart 78

Strange way to glorify the Supreme Leader, but everybody got their quirks i guess

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I'm down with a combo of the two being the way to go. Playlist in progress. 

I'm enjoying the sentimental ambienty tracks over the more beaty ones, though the long form tracks that combine both are p ace. 

 We've been blessed with our sean pls albums, is a double whammy of 'rob pls' on the horizon? 

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