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2022 Album / EP / Mixtape, whatever of the year

Rubin Farr

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I didnt really listen to a whole lot of albums that actually came out this year. I dont really have a favorite album yet, maybe its Hudmo's Cry Sugar but idk, its not that ive listened to it that much. EP of the year is definetly Overmonos Cash Romantic. That shit has been in regular rotation for almost the entire year.

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rly tho.. idk. i can't remember when things were released. 

i bought a bunch of stuff this year but a lot of it was older.  i'd have to look at my library and see what's what. 



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Couldn't see a thread so lets get this started.

Strange year for me, really had to dig to put this list together because it felt like no real standouts.  But... I guess it shows how weird my music tastes have gone.


Jason Crumer - Thin Ice (No Rent 057) - top ambient/noise/synth business. 

Rovox 625 - Cut Into (Steel Gloss 048) - strangely intense drone/crushing noise harsh soft weirdo.

Prurient - Creationist (Hospital Productions) - experimental industrial layers

Busy Microbes - Calling (Woodford Halse 050) - Ekoplekz + Katie English collab album or wonderfully weird bleeps

Organ of Corti - Auris (New Forces 127) - tape loops, synths and bizarro noises in this 3-way collab featuring Altar Of Flies, one of my favourite new finds of 2022.

Himukalt - A Third Fantasy (Found Remains 019) - uncomfortable industrial bangers


Maybe some more to add once I've gone through the  few tapes and vinyl i've bought this year (not much, im skint)

Some great compilations / reissues and older stuff released too, but I'll keep this thread as strictly album format released in 2022 for now....


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I'm hoping to find some more within the coming month but...


Exm - mmxxvill (abstract experimental idm)

Exm|mitoma- e|m (glitchy ambient dub idm)

Hexalyne - Tcaressets (sharply produced/sounding idm, reminds me of ae's ep7 a lot in places)

Hexalyne - Null Surfaces (see 1 above)

Aelk Minsur - Catalyst (abstract experimental instrumental hip hop thing?)

Lynyn- Lexicon (mathrock musicians idm debut)

Trudge- No Motivation (electronic, a lot of ground covered)

Supire - Lustre (dynamic beautiful flashcore)

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the last few months ive literally stopped listening to modern music, so i havent keep up, heres what i had so far in the year


Bvdub- Hearts of stone

Dj python- Club sentimentos


tourist-inside out

Two shell- Icons

Two shell- Home

Two shell- eternal seed

cult member- untitled mix 2022

Benny the Butcher- tana talk 4

Kangding Ray- Ultrachroma

The Range- Mercury

skee mask- A


Brent Faiyaz- Wasteland

Caterina Barbeiri- spirit exit

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1 hour ago, Cyteen said:

I was really looking forward to The Range's Mercury as Potential and his first LP are awesome as hell imo, but it let me down a bit. Some cool tracks tho.

same, but the good tracks are sick!

feel good music done right.

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Debit - The Long Count

Jack J - Opening The Door

Rat Heart Ensemble - A Blues

James K - Random Girl

Coby Sey - Conduit

700 Bliss - Nothing To Declare

Shinichi Atobe - Love of Plastic

CS + Kreme - Orange

Ulla - Foam

NUG - Napping Under God

Honorary mentions to Bogdan, Mu-ziq, Dopplereffekt, Kode9, Plaid, Kuedo and Teresa Winter who all put out decent records this year too.


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I've built some pages to do some twists on the formula, I've got http://www.endaural.com/jumble22.html to show the stuff I've written a little bit about, but with the order randomized every time the page loads. There's a lot of stuff I still want to write about though, but it'd be too overwhelming to just show all the names all at once. So I've got http://www.endaural.com/grabbag22.html set up to only show 10 things at a time, but you can refresh the page to get a new 10. Though there's also a lot of stuff that I still need to add to the pool.


But the one major rec I have for WATMM is the self titled Kaho Matsui album, it's got sped up guitar and chopped up drums but it's not a heavy sound, super lush. 

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here for my annual post lol . . . hoping to find some great/obscure electronic stuff through this thread.


a rough year imo, i'm only really in love with pye corner audio . . . ambivalent about #2 and below.


1. pye corner audio - let's emerge

2. weyes blood - hearts aglow

3. burial - streetlands

4. toro y moi - mahal

5. big thief - dragon new warm mountain

6. spiritualized - everything was beautiful

7. the smile - a light

8. daniel avery - ultra truth

9. rafael anton irisarri - sacred hatred

10. sarah davachi - two sisters

11. daniel rossen - you belong there

12. huerco s. - plonk

13. raum - daughter

14. ramin djawadi - westworld s4 ost

15. aldous harding - warm chris

16. beach house - once twice melody

17. alvvays - blue rev

18. wet leg - s/t

19. father john misty - chloe 

20. weeknd - dawn fm

21. the 1975 - bfiafl

22. plaid - feorm falorx

23. james devane - beauty is useless

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Really tried to make a top ten but couldn't quite bring my self to cut it down any further!

Burial -Anti Dawn / Streetlands
Shinichi Atobe - Love of plastic
Adam Jay - Inevitable Demise
Meshuggah - Immutable
The Range - Mercury
Mall Grab - What I Breathe
Dj Sabrina the Teenage Dj- Bewitched
Deaths Dynamic Shroud- Dark Life
Romance - Once upon a time / In my hour of weakness
THSA - Capricorn Sun
Fred Again - Actual Life 3
Steffi  - The Red Hunter
Actress- Dummy Corporation
No_4mat - 2017
Wize - The Edits Series 6

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One of the best things I look forward to at this time of year is hunkering down on a cold day during Christmas holidays with a bunch of decent beers (usually a few Trappist and a few porters), order a Indian or Chinese takeaway (with a few refreshing pilsners or pale ales) and go on a journey through the end of year lists and hopefully uncover some treasure. Foraging at its finest :watmm:

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