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Merry Christmas, WATMM!

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I came down with some stomach bug or food poisoning or something so I’ve been married to the toilet for the past 3 days and I can’t drink alcohol when I need it the most to get through this whole holiday situation. My karma shouldn’t be this bad. Y’all chug some spiked eggnog for me, please. Enjoy your festivities. ?



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Good GOD, Christmas is just the worst.

Family members drunk off their asses and then suddenly you've reached an age where you have to parent your parents, overly excited kids who crash and burn and don't function the day after getting their presents and everyone is so full and tired they just want to sit at home.

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Boxing Day WhatsApp message to my mates

Morning Mace The Ace, Mad Bad Badger Bright, Mathias Maximus Lord Of The Giant Wood Goblins, Mike Laycock Sheriff Of The Western Shires And Commander Of The City Of Twyford, and Post Master And Squadron Leader Of Communications Simon Greasly


Brigadier Beer Wolf reporting for duty. It’s all very quiet and peaceful out here in the Thames Valley. It seems the great battle that was fought yesterday has taken its toll on the energy levels. Spring water, black coffee, b vitamins and fresh fruit has been administered. And the bright blue skies and winter sunshine is inspiring and warming thy cockles. 
Perhaps this will be a day of rest and reflection? Maybe a day for fresh air and exercise? Maybe a day to watch a favourite film and a snooze? OR MAYBE ITS TIME TO WAGE ANOTHER WAVE OF WAR AND PILLAGE THE VILLAGES AND PICKLE THE LIVER ONE MORE TIME!!!!

Let me know your battle plans ASAP

Brigadier Beer Wolf Over and Out ?

My scouts have sent swift word over hill and vale that the MIGHTY FISH BEAST MAN son of the Ancient Kraken has surfaced near the mouth of the Thames Estuary. And he’s thirsty. Very thirsty. I’m sending in my troops! They must secure as many barrels of ale, rum and cider as they can muster from the peasant villages and bring it back safe beyond the castle walls. We must also help our woodland friends The Clan Of The Golden Ale Bears as MIGHTY FISH BEAST MAN is known to feast upon the cooked flesh of our furry friends when he’s furiously drinking, just like pork scratchings. No doubt once this task has been undertaken THEN I SHALL DRINK!!!


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