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Worst Album Covers of All Time (The Definitive List)


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And what do you think makes them funny? perhaps maybe that they look bad? did you think of that mr einstein? Just cause it's intended to be bad don't make it good

I see it as a tongue in cheek response to IDM album covers getting way too serious/homogenised in the early 2000s, and an extension of what RDJ was doing in the mid to late 90s. Both the Ceephax and DMX Krew covers posted here have clearly been designed *well*, but convey that cheesy vibe of 80s (DMX) and I dunno, bling as fuck gangsta rap or something (Ceephax). Don't get me wrong, I used to think Ceephax's album covers were terrible until I saw that they were actually intentionally designed like that. *Real* bad design wouldn't be so crisp and well executed.

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I'm prepared for the inevitable triggering but I hate this cover so much





I actually quite like this.

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The Five piece 80's hair metal band is a great place to start. I'm at a 50+ year old college radios station with a lot of great old LPs and every now and again I run into some awesomely awful shit.



The back was even better.



And this, lol!


Really dude, you're gonna take a cheap shot at Armored Saint? My uncle was in that band and they were quite respectable in their time. It was a thing of the era to have epic themes and fantasy-inspired apparel. You can bully 'the Saint' all you want my my uncle and the gang have changed lives with their music, which AS fans agree is timeless.

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