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New act signed to Warp: Jockstrap


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though seriously I don't have a problem with Warp signing more people from varied genres that still are a bit experimental or leftfield. nothing wrong with crafting your brand or anything, they still give techno and IDM plenty of love with a lot of the artists who still make that stuff (such as all the oldies still making songs and FlyLo for example), though I'll admit they should sign way more IDM artists since they do have none that aren't the oldest artists, but I'm pretty sure one day they will sign someone new to the techno/IDM table that's giving some fan recognition. But even then, I enjoy a lot of the artists that have been signed in the past 15 years. Battles is great, Hudson Mohawke is overhated and kicks ass, though Rustie does that sound better. !!! doesn't seem bad, I enjoy a couple songs of there's, Danny Brown I also want to delve into since I love his flow in rapping, Bibio has potential with some older tracks (was a little underwhelmed with that session ep last November with some of his new album but holy fuck "Anything New" from Mind Bokeh kicks ass). 

Maybe that's the Warp fanboy in me. Or because I didn't have experience with electronica blowing up in the early days since I was born at the turn of the millennium. 

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Ooh fun... opinions! We can all be our own Pitchfork on a forum hahaha.

WhatI thought:

Highlight: Charlotte is a pretty cool track, wasn't expecting to be impressed by all that psychedelic / sparse structure / vocal effects. And evoking some spirit of Portishead there got me interested for sure.


Overall, I like the music itself of that originally posted track, but thought production was a little bit overdone in the way of just throwing a whole bunch of styles and drum sounds into the same track just to make it sound craaazy type of thing, which I think is often a cop out and comes off as a bit pretentious. Part of me was like just play the damn thing with one drum kit / set and let the music shine and get the focus, but I'll admit part of the jaggedness was cool. Subtle changes and dashes of mindfuckery goes a long way when you have a solid foundation.


It's funny when I think about how so many pop/edm and even underground artists these days are production-oriented and sound design-forward and usually music comes 2nd or not at all, but in this case to me it's sorta reverse, like there are some cool musical ideas there and it feels like the production is actually distracting that a bit or possibly it's eating up ideas from being fully realized. Otherwise I ain't mad at Jockstrap. Digging all the strings and oldtimey structures. Just like most of you guys on here I guess, not bad at best, meh at worst, esp. when rating for Warp caliber. Also, Jockstrap, if you are reading this thread, know that we are all total snobs and hipsters and the fact that you are signed to Warp had raised the bar and has instantly made you accountable for making next level shit in terms of tonal uniqueness, musicality and aesthetic lol.

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This is some unheard of, extreme level of hipsterism trollin'

Be the definition of hipsterism.

Name a song ''Acid''

Have no Acid in it.

Release it on Warp records.

lol good job

(Pretty clear to me that 2020 Warp would not sign Aphex Twin or Autechre or Squarepusher today)




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43 minutes ago, fxbip said:

this made me wish rephlex was still alive

for real can somebody recount the history of how it died? I was on kinda a watmm hiatus around when it happened.. I don't member 

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18 minutes ago, MIXL2 said:

for real can somebody recount the history of how it died? I was on kinda a watmm hiatus around when it happened.. I don't member 

Pretty sure they just weren't making money (or breaking even), really sad.


edit: Dmx Krew talked about it in an interview and he blamed p2p sharing.

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Track in OP is a lot better than 99% of the acid/braindance  drivel that has been made/posted on this forum in the last 5 years 



This thread is more cringe than the boc subforum.

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