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Bought this today so it’s the latest thing...

Classics... so many. Well I can’t say ‘happy’ bc great works of art as if they have all emotions in them. 


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you can almost see the sun peeking through the trees

this track reminds me of a perfect sunrise after a really good rest

i listened to this one on walks all the time a few years ago


also, not really a track in its own regard but I have a lot of love for the Halo 1 loading screen drone

the atmosphere is so thick and has always resonated with me greatly and been a great source of inspiration

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surprised it hasn't been posted.. anything by jean-jacques perrey



this one in particular big nostalgia as anyone from South America will tell you.. always brings a smile

this one is also a famous theme I don't recall from where though


big rip jean..  lovely tunes

edit: and such a pioneer too! 1968 some of these tunes!!

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here come some more that make me happy is!!


og happy hardcore when done right




rave hardcore n piano house tunes





ceephax especially + the videos


but dis one makes me happy without vid


absurd DANCECORE choons!





:smile: :music: :smile:

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this is probably the first song I've ever noticed as a kid in a world of noise made by grownups, and it still fills me with euphoria to this day:

my sister and I would rock on Elvis for days on end

this song has all the psychedelic groove there is

talking heads are my goto feel good music

this song is a bomb


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some from our featured artists that always put a smile on my face :smile: ..










Ceephax I posted before..

and Autechre.. what's the funniest Autechre track?

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